The complete, re-imagined Quartet for the End of Time

@ The Cell on June 13, 7pm

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Drawing influences from Gregorian chant, Sacred Harp, Bulgarian folk music and their own songwriting, Founders has created a dutifully reverent yet daring homage to Olivier Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time. The program, titled “Songs for the End of Time,” also features original songs and compositions by Founders illustrating themes of love, the divine and the final apocalypse.

Watch “Intermède” below for a quick preview.

...clustering neo-baroque piano riffage, plaintive strings, unexpected dynamic shifts and an unassailable sense of melody..
— New York Music Daily


Merging the talents of five conservatory trained musicians from New York City, Founders is a virtuosic super-group captivating audiences everywhere. Combining classical, folk music, original compositions and pop arrangements, Founders is re-imagining the concert experience. As the New York Music Daily states, "Their excellent debut album, You & Who, is unlike anything else out there right now."