Complete reimagined Quartet for the End of Time

Drawing influences from Gregorian chant, Sacred Harp, Bulgarian folk music and their own songwriting, Founders has created a dutifully reverent yet daring homage to Olivier Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time. The program, titled “Songs for the End of Time,” also features original songs and compositions by Founders illustrating themes of love, the divine and the final apocalypse.

New Singles Released

We’ve released 3 new singles this year! Each one with a different flavor of what we do:

7/5 Step - A shifty metered blues written in the style of Brubeck

Excursion #1 - Our take on Samuel Barber’s piano work

Echoes of Harlem - featuring Brandon on this Duke Ellington classic

You can find all three on our “LISTEN” page or purchase them by clicking HERE

PS. All three have artwork by Anna Russell - this one is painted with her feet!


The first video release of our first concert with Sam Suggs is now on our YouTube channel. Be prepared for more to come!

Intermède is an arrangement of Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time by Brandon. The video is from a live performance at The Cell as a part of the Tribeca New Music series.

Click HERE to check it out.